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Save time and money by digitizing your recognition programs with Motivy

Enhance your employee's experience by digitalizing key HR processes and use the power of gamified recognitions to revolutionize your business culture.

Key Motivy Solutions

Explore the features of our platform designed to drive your organizational culture goals.

recognition programs

Employee engagement

Build a culture of digital recognition to empower everyone to publicly recognize their colleagues and accumulate points to redeem for gift cards in our catalog.

Internal communication

Centralize the sending of corporate communications and access our omni-channel communication sending panel and virtual assistance bots.


Offer discount coupons to your team! Motivate your collaborators by offering the best discounts and promotions in different stores, and many more exclusive benefits for Motivy users.

We help companies improve the experience of their most important asset:their people.

Stop worrying about rewards, corporate benefits and their hectic logistics.

Increase motivation through public recognition and engagement through gamification.

Simplify the creation, execution and management of corporate programs and reduce their cost  and operational times.

Save on staff turnover.

Ensure the scalability of your business by fostering cross-functional innovation and collaboration 

Improve your employer brand.

Learn about some of our success stories

Discover testimonies of success in our demonstrations, where you will learn how our recognition programs and organizational culture have been key to the business success of our clients.

+22 M

Motivy points awarded to more than 50,000 employees

+10 M

Social recognitions sent by soft skills


Saving time in prize delivery logistics


Commitment and participation rate in business initiatives


Growth in NPS score after 12 months of integrating Motivy

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Some collaborators who trust us

"Excellent tool to increase the productivity and commitment of collaborators."

Francisco M.

Gerente General

Platform implementation

Strategic consulting

We assist you from day one in creating a plan that fulfills your corporate objectives. Our support includes industry best practices, implementation support and communication strategy.


We prepare and coach system admins, team leaders, and employees in the company to be the champions of the project and drive change from within.


Continuous support

Our Motivy team will help you through this transformational journey and constantly check-in to make sure you are getting the full value of the platform

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to create a culture of recognition

Download it and revolutionize your business culture!

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