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  • How the on-boarding works?
    Since the service is cloud-hosted, the integration simply involves moving the platform's user database from a given template to our cloud, and following the agreed on-boarding strategy plan.
  • What analitical reports can I have as a platform administrator?
    Our analytical reports will provide you with the appropriate data to identify recognition trends in your organization and discover hidden skills within your employees. Motivy generates data on user behaviors within the platform that serves to measure key indicators such as: most recognized person, department and team, most used recognition categories, level of employee commitment, most redeemed products and more.
  • What kind of recognitions can I send?
    There are two types of recognitions: - Social recognition: It is a recognition without points. It appears publicly in the news feed. - Points base recognition: It´s a recognition with points value, which is debited from the monthly balance of points of the sender, and accumulates in the balance of the recipient so that they can be redeemed in the catalog.
  • What recognition categories are there?
    The recognition categories depend on the strategy of each company. Corporate values can be used as types of recognitions to align employees under the same organizational culture. Another option is to put Soft Skills as recognition categories, to drive certain desired behaviors and skills among employees.
  • What are corporate programs and how do they work?
    Programs are created by the platform administrator from their own dashboard. These reach all the employees of the company so that they can participate. Corporate programs are used to send surveys, create nomination awards, generate fun activities, request information, etc. Digitize corporate programs and increase employee engagement!
  • How does the announcements and announcements section work?
    The platform administrator can send from his own panel communications, announcements, newsletters, etc. that will reach all registered users on the platform. Our communication panel allows you to insert image, text, and select channels by which you want to reach the users (news feed, email, as notification, or all).
  • How can I redeem my points?
    To redeem your points you must follow the following steps: - Enter the catalog. - Add items you wish to redeem to the shopping cart. - Each item has a price in points, and it depends on how many points you have in your balance to be able to exchange them in the catalog. - When confirming your order, you must fill out a delivery form.
  • What is the catalog and what does it have?
    The catalog is the section where you can see all the products, services and benefits that are available to redeem them with your balance of points received.
  • How does the goals tracker panel work?
    Align your employees objectives with corporate goals and track their progress through a transparent, easy-to-manage dashboard.
  • What is the Task Market Place and how does it work?
    In our task market, users in all departments are encouraged to upload certain tasks or orders with a specific point value. Other users will be able to see what tasks are available and have them done in their spare time. Points assigned to each task will be awarded for the best work uploaded before the task expires. The creator of the task must assign the points he or she wants to give from their points balance to the person who uploades the best job . Keep everyone productive and motivated with our Task Market and reduce the negative effect that Burn Out Syndrome brings.
  • How is the on-boarding plan?
    The installation process includes training sessions for platform administrators, delivery of best use manual, tutorials, surveys to measure internal indicators and ROI, and an established plan to make sure the on-boarding easy and friendly.
  • How long does the on-boarding take?
    Motivy is a cloud-hosted software, so you don't need any download or installation. Motivy team will work with each client proposing an established installation schedule. Integration is agile, fast and fully digital.
  • Do I receive support  for the use and implementation of the platform?
    Of course. All the time you will have the support of Motivy team. You will always have access to our tutorial videos, our frequently asked questions and our integrated customer service system to generate specific service tickets, which will be attended immediately.
  • How much time and staff do I need to manage Motivy?
    Only one person, and on average 2 to 4 hours per week. The administrator's functions allow the company to save time and operational money, and are the following: - Buy and assign points. - Create corporate goals. - Create and manage corporate programs. - Review panel of complaints and suggestions. - Send communications. - Analyze data.
  • How much does it cost?
    The investment in Motivy is divided into 3 components: - Setup Fee: one-time installation fee when contract is signed. - Licenses: licenses depend on the number of users who will be using the platform. It is a monthly payment for the sum of licenses of each user. - Points: the client must define the number of points that he wants to assign monthly to each user to use on the platform, and are charged once they are used. Motivy does NOT charge for points that are not used.
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