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 Expand your digital sales channels at no cost!

Discover how your business can thrive as a Motivy supplier.

Welcome to the Motivy supplier section.

Motivy is therecognition platform leader in coupons and gift cards that connects businesses like yours with thousands of shoppers.

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What makes us stand out?

Our clients have an extensive workforce, which significantly expands our user base. This gives youaccess to a market made up of corporate users with high purchasing power. In addition, our users accumulate recognition points and are constantly looking for businesses where they can redeem their points.


In short, we are here to help youexpand your sales channels in the digital world and to offer our users the opportunity to redeem their pointsof recognition in your business.

What will you achieve by joining Motivy as a supplier?

Sales increase

Motivy can boost your sales with an average increase of 20%. Earn additional income without effort or investment.

Gift Card Platform

Be part of our gift card and benefit catalogs, reaching new customers and generating loyalty.

Visibility and exposure

 Your business deserves to be seen. Motivy gives you online visibility among our thousands of active users.

Support and Resources

Receive full support and access to marketing resources to maximize your success as a Motivy supplier.

Becoming a Motivy supplier is simple and fast

Sign up today and start increasing your sales and visibility online

¡Gracias por unirte a Motivy!

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